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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) analyzed 26 out of 36 cases of death after influenza vaccination, and announced that the causal relationship between vaccination and vaccination was very low, and today (24th) it will decide whether to continue vaccination. I can see it.

This is Han Ji-yeon.


Of the 26 people who died after getting the flu vaccine, 17 have been identified as the cause of death.

Of the autopsied deaths, 8 died from cardiovascular disease, 2 were cerebrovascular disease, and 3 others were found to be due to different reasons than vaccination.

In addition, among the deaths who did not undergo an autopsy, three were classified as sick and one as suffocating, which was different from vaccination.

The remaining nine cases are under further investigation, and the Agency for Disease Control believes that all 26 patients are very little related to vaccination when taking the underlying disease into account.

However, yesterday's vaccination committee could not conclude whether the flu vaccination should continue or temporarily stop.

They agreed that it is difficult to see it as a death from the side effects of the flu vaccine, but opinions were divided on whether it would be necessary to enforce vaccination in a state of great public anxiety.

It has been reported that the vaccines that resulted in more than one death from the same manufacturing number were not discarded.

[Jeong Jae-hun/Professor of Preventive Medicine, Gachon University of Medicine: Currently, there are only 202 lot numbers (same manufacturing number). The probability is close to 99.9%.] The

health officials are scheduled to meet again this morning to discuss whether or not to continue immunization, and announce the results as early as the afternoon.