In Gyeongnam, the number of deaths increased by 2 after flu vaccine vaccination.

Today (23rd), according to Gyeongnam Province and the police, a man in his 70s living in Namhae was found dead at his home at around 2pm yesterday.

The man was confirmed to have been vaccinated against the flu at about 3 pm on the 19th at a medical institution.

The vaccine received is SK Bioscience's SKYCellflu Quadrivalent.

One person died after being vaccinated against the flu in Miryang on the same day.

This case was also confirmed to have been vaccinated with SKYCellflu 4 on the 19th.

At the request of the bereaved family, the exact age range was not known, but it was found to be over 60.

As a result, the death toll in Gyeongnam increased to 6, following Changwon 2, Tongyeong 1, and Changnyeong 1 yesterday.