Kim Bong-hyun, a key figure in the Lime incident, claimed that four months ago, he had already confessed that he had a drink with the prosecutor of the investigation team.

It also means that the prosecutor first asked and stated, but ignored it.

At that time, the prosecution investigation team refuted that it was a false disclosure.

This is Lim Chan-jong.

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the 16th, Kim Bong-hyun revealed that in July 2019, he had hosted three incumbent prosecutors at the room salon.

One of them claimed to be the leader of the Lime investigation team who later investigated him.

Regarding this, officials from the prosecution investigation team at the time said it was a claim they had never heard of during the investigation.

However, Mr. Bong-Hyun Kim's side claimed that yesterday (23rd) he had already mentioned to SBS reporters that he had a prosecutor and a drinking party during the prosecution's investigation.

In June, when the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office began investigation, the prosecutor in charge first asked, "Because I had a drink with the prosecutor," and answered.

Mr. Kim's side asked the prosecutor in charge, "Can I tell you," but claimed that he said, "I'm seeing you in the hallway."

Kim said, however, that the prosecutor in charge did not ask more questions about the prosecutor who had a drink, so no further statements were made.

Mr. Bong-Hyun Kim said that in a recent investigation by the Ministry of Justice, the prosecutors said they had said the same.

Regarding Kim Bong-Hyun's claim, an official at the time of the prosecution's investigation team refuted, "This is not at all true."

An official from the investigation team said, "If Mr. Kim's claim was true, of course, he reported it to the Supreme Prosecutors' Office. Why would the investigation team bear the burden of concealing?"