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In Seoul Grand Park, a friend's turtle was caught helping a turtle in trouble.

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In an outdoor radiation field, you see a tortoise upside down and struggling.

At that time, my friend turtle, who was next to me, starts pushing it with my head.

After several pushes, the turtle that had been turned over was fortunately able to return to its original state.

Those who watched also applauded in unison.

The turtles in the video are Sulkata land turtles.

Unlike other species, it has a high shell and is said to be unable to turn itself over.

In the wild, it is said that there are cases of drying and dying under the scorching sun, but Seoul Grand Park was surprised that it was very unusual for reptiles to show cooperative behavior.

Netizens said, "Inseong-gap turtle! One loyalty is awesome!" They responded, "I want to be a helper like that turtle."

(Screen source: Seoul Grand Park)