Let's talk a little more with medical reporter Cho Dong-chan.

Q. How is the cause-and-effect relationship between death and vaccine?

[Cho Dong-chan/medical reporter (specialist): First of all, the deaths in Daegu were confirmed as suffocating and were excluded from suspected vaccine-related deaths.

If there is a group of deaths after vaccination, even before the autopsy result comes out, is it made by one company? It was made by each of the five companies. To a certain degree, 6 people were injected with egg ingredients, and 2 were vaccines that were not related to eggs.

And distribution channels and vaccination hospitals were all different for each vaccine.

It is difficult to solve the clues of this situation with the existing inspection method, but I will have to carefully check again to see if anything was missed.]

Q. What is the point of autopsy for'cause of vaccine'?

[Cho Dong-chan/medical reporter (specialist): If such acute shock symptoms, such as shortness of breath or systemic hives, are witnessed before death, it can be easily concluded that it is due to the vaccine if there is no special cause at the autopsy. This time, the elderly living alone It is said that it is not easy because there are no witnesses, such as being found dead at home.

In this case, certain cells or antibodies have to be tested and read more, but it is said that it usually takes about fifteen more



Q. Vaccine deaths this year

are unusual


[Cho Dong-chan/medical journalist (specialist): Acute shock occurs in 1 in 1 million people.

Since 13 million people have been vaccinated this year, it is said that 13 people can die from an acute shock in a probability, but this is the first time in history. It does not exceed the probability range.

This is also why the government does not stop vaccination.

However, even if there is an acute shock reaction, if appropriate measures are taken quickly, life can be saved. Whether this has any problem, I will have to look into this process.]

Q. Precautions when vaccinating the flu

[Dong-chan Jo / Medical reporter (specialist): First The flu vaccine, heart attack and stroke prevention, lowers mortality by more than 70%, which is worrisome, but it has to be beaten carefully.

At least 15 minutes if you have trouble breathing after getting the flu shot, throat breathing, leaky air, swelling around your eyes and mouth, hives, pale face, weakness in the body, fast heartbeat, or dizziness, at least 15 minutes, safe It would be better to stay at the hospital for 30 minutes.]