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are cases of death after receiving free flu vaccine from the government across the country.

In addition to Incheon, Gochang, Jeollabuk-do, and Daejeon, cases of death after vaccination were confirmed in Jeju and Daegu.

The first news from reporter Nam Joo-hyun.


Today (21st) around 0 am, a man in his 60s residing in Jeju Island died in about an hour after being transferred to a hospital through the 119 emergency squad.

This man in his 60s is eligible for free national vaccination, and it was confirmed that he received flu vaccination at a hospital in Jeju City at about 9 am yesterday.

While no adverse reactions were confirmed after vaccination, Jeju Island said the man had usual high blood pressure.

In Daegu, a man in his 70s who was vaccinated yesterday was confirmed to have died this morning.

Yesterday morning, a woman in her 70s who received the free flu vaccine the day before was found dead in Gochang-gun, Jeollabuk-do, and a man in her 80s who received the flu vaccine yesterday morning died in five hours in Daejeon.

Five days ago in Incheon, a high school student died after vaccination against the flu, and an autopsy is in progress.

The National Institute for Scientific Investigation said, "The relationship between vaccination and death seems small, but the cause of death is still unclear."

The health authorities say that it is difficult to say that there was a causal relationship, as there was no adverse reaction to Incheon high school students and those who received the same vaccine at the same hospital on the same day as the death of a senior in Gochang's 70s.

However, anxiety about the flu vaccine is growing as there are deaths after vaccination following an accident of exposure to room temperature during the vaccine distribution process.