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Apparently it is an ordinary supermarket.

The exterior, nothing differentiates it from any other large area in which to buy food and household items.


the functioning of this Amazon supermarket

has little to do with what you can find in your neighborhood here in Spain.

After the purchase of the Whole Foods chain,

Amazon Fresh Stores

expand throughout the United States without the pandemic situation having affected their business.

In fact, the North American multinational is doing better than ever and the price of its shares on the stock market

has skyrocketed from $ 2,393 to $ 3,245 in just six months


The first thing that catches the attention of these supermarkets after crossing the threshold of their mechanical doors are their trolleys equipped with a smart screen, according to a video for Tik Tok recorded by the North American @davidsuhchan in which he shows viewers

the shopping experience


A video that reached great popularity levels by jumping from social network to social network and that, on Twitter alone, accumulates more than

5 million views.


The first thing that "

smart cart

" does -this is what the author of the video refers to- is to show a two-minute video tutorial to consumers in which he explains to customers how they should use these shopping carts that, in short,

come to do the functions of scale and cash register


To buy fruits and vegetables, the video shows how customers must manually enter the code of the variety they have chosen.

Once this is done, a photo appears on the screen of said product and, after confirming that it is the correct one, they can place it inside the cart.


will be in charge of weighing it and calculating the amount


Finally, it only remains for the customer to confirm that they intend to purchase the product by touching the

touch screen


Another novelty that these supermarkets have is that they have installed different devices with Alexa so that

customers can consult Amazon's virtual assistant in which aisle are the different items

for sale.

In the case of packaged products, the video shows how customers must place them inside the cart (just in front of the handle with which they are pushed) and the latter will scan it and add it to the purchase receipt.

On the cart screen you can see in real time how the scans are being carried out

and the products in the account are pointed out.

In addition to food and the typical products that we can find in any supermarket, these centers of the Amazon chain have a section that sells Fire tablets, Echo smart speakers and

other electronic products manufactured by the multinational itself


Finally, the most striking part of the video is the check-out area, where

the boxes would be found in a normal supermarket


Instead, the supermarket has an area with green painted floors in which to confirm the purchase.

To do this, the author of the video associates the content of your purchase with your Amazon account through the tablet incorporated in the cart and, simply with a

few taps on the screen, the operation is confirmed


Finally, the author of the video shows

his Amazon account in which all the products

he has bought in this particular supermarket

have been registered

: without cashiers and without using cash.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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