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Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae invoked the investigation command yesterday (19th) on the alleged Lime lobby and the family of Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, the prosecution team formed a dedicated investigation team today.

The dedicated team will only investigate the suspicion that incumbent prosecutors have been entertained by Kim Bong-hyun, a key figure in the Lime crisis.

However, Kim Bong-hyeon, who exposed this suspicion, did not respond to the summons of the prosecution.

First, reporter Kang Cheong-wan.

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Seoul Southern District Prosecutors' Office, who investigates the Lime incident, has formed a dedicated investigation team for the'Lime Incident-related Prosecutor's Reception Case'.

It has been one day since Minister Choo Mi-ae exercised the right to command the investigation in the related case.

It is a dedicated team that investigates only the suspicion of hospitality at the incumbent prosecutor exposed by Kim Bong-hyun, and consists of five prosecutors who have not been involved in the investigation of the Lime lobby case.

The prosecution said that the investigation of corruption in Lime Fund sales will be conducted without a hitch by the existing investigation team.

Earlier, in an incarcerated letter released to the media, Kim claimed that in July of last year, along with a lawyer from the prosecutor's office, he served three incumbent prosecutors at a luxury room salon in Gangnam for 10 million won, and one of them later joined the Lime investigation team.

The investigation team speeded up the investigation by notifying the summons to Mr. Kim, the party to be exposed today.

However, Kim, who is being held in the Seoul detention center, refused to respond to the summons of the prosecution.

The lawyer said that Kim is complaining of mental and physical pain and has raised suspicion of misconduct, but that it is inappropriate to be investigated by the prosecution.

In the midst of this, Minister Chu Mi-ae said through social media that it was fortunate that the prosecutor general changed his posture and followed the command of the minister.

Regarding this, a high-ranking official of the Great Swordsman said, "The command of the president has already been lost due to the exercise of the command of the investigation," and "It is not appropriate to say that the attitude has changed."

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, video editing: Park Ki-deok) 

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