In relation to the'prosecutor's entertainment and hospitality suspicion' raised by former Star Mobility Chairman Kim Bong-hyun, who is considered a key figure in the lobbying suspicion and money line of Lime Asset Management (Lime), the prosecution has formed a separate investigation team.

The Seoul Southern District Prosecutors' Office said, "A separate team for investigating the case, including prosecutors who were not involved in the lime lobby case investigation, was formed."

Yesterday (19th) Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae exercised the authority to conduct the investigation on the Lime lobby suspicion, and the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office said, "Exclude prosecutors and prosecutors who alleged lobbying related to Lime from the investigation and trial team and reorganize it." Appears to be ordered.

The investigation team consisted of a total of 5 persons, including 4 prosecutors from the Financial Investigation Department and 1 prosecutor from the 4th Criminal Division.

The investigation will be led by Rak-Hyun Kim, Head of the 6th Seoul Southern District Prosecutors' Office, who is investigating the corruption case of the existing Lime Fund sales.

The prosecution said, "We plan to investigate all suspicions quickly, and cases such as corruption in Lime Fund sales will be proceeded without a hitch in the previous investigation team."