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news about the electric kickboard is being delivered intensively several times. Yesterday (19th) morning, a man in his 50s who was riding an electric kickboard to work was hit by a large excavator exiting the alley and died.

Reporter Ahn Hee-jae reports.


A road in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, one excavator exits the alley.

The report was received that the electric kickboard that 53-year-old A drove at about 100m on the street in front of the street at about 7 o'clock yesterday, right after the scene was filmed on CCTV, collided with an excavator.

The victim was found to have had an accident here while rushing along the sidewalk under the bridge.

As you can see, it is difficult to find any safety devices such as convex mirrors or warning signs around the site.

The police investigation found that the 57-year-old excavator driver was not able to see Mr. A while looking for a vehicle running from the left while joining the alley just before the crash.

[Neighboring merchant: First of all, the car must enter (to the right), so you care a lot about cars coming from there (left). But people who ride (kickboard) aren't careful again, but because they pass by (it's dangerous.)]

At the time of the accident, Mr. A was taken to the hospital with a serious head injury without wearing a helmet.

The electric kickboard that Mr. A rode is a model that can run at a maximum speed of 30 km/h, and it is said that it was mainly used for commuting from his home in Yongin to the office near the accident site.

The police are reviewing whether to apply for a warrant for arrest and charge the driver for death while driving an excavator without looking around properly.

(Video editing: Hwang Ji-young, VJ: Noh Jae-min, CG: Lee Jun-ho) 

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