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number of new corona 19 confirmed cases was 76, and it continued to double digits for four consecutive days.

From today (19th), a total examination of nursing hospitals, mental hospitals, and nursing facility workers and users in the metropolitan area will begin.

This is Nam Joo-hyun.


Of the 76 new confirmed cases, 50 are domestic outbreaks, minus 26 from overseas.

By region, 30 people were confirmed in the metropolitan area, and 20 people occurred outside the metropolitan area, including 14 in Busan.

The average number of confirmed cases in Korea per day in the last week was 62.1, similar to the previous week.

At the SRC Rehabilitation Hospital in Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, where a large-scale group infection occurred, two more confirmed cases, increasing to 53.

Health officials explained that although a large-scale spread due to the Chuseok holiday has not been confirmed, there are not many risk factors such as the flu epidemic in the fall, so tensions cannot be relaxed.

As group infections continue in nursing hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, and nursing facilities with many elderly and underlying diseases that are susceptible to infection, full-scale examinations for workers, patients, or users begin today.

160,000 people in the metropolitan area, where the occurrence of Corona 19 is the most, are first tested.

[Minister of Health and Welfare: Park Neung-hoo/Minister of Health and Welfare: In hospitals and nursing facilities that protect the elderly and patients, please thoroughly follow the quarantine rules such as management of workers and diagnostic tests when symptoms occur.]

Flu vaccinations for seniors age 70 and older also begin today.

It can be crowded and crowded, so it is best to make a reservation before visiting.

Free vaccinations for seniors aged 62 to 69 will start on the 26th, a week later.