▲ Rappers Lapla and Luffy

It was belatedly revealed that famous rappers such as Nafla and Luffy, who took the championship and runner-up in the hip-hop contest program'Show Me the Money', respectively, were caught by the police for inhaling cannabis.

In September of last year, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's drug investigating officer charged rappers Nafla, Luffy, Oleft, Young West, and Blue who were charged with smoking cannabis in the studio of the agency and handed it over to the prosecution.

Young West, who was prosecuted in July, is currently being tried, and the remaining four, including Nafla, were suspended from prosecution considering the fact that they were first offenders.

Their agency, Mekit Lane Records, said through social media, "I bow my head and apologize to all those who would have suffered a lot of disappointment and shock," and "All members admit their faults and are sincerely regretting and reflecting deeply."

(Photo = Courtesy of Mekit Lane, Yonhap News)