People dying and you worried about not being able to go to bars.

I'm going to keep pressing because I think the concept of plague is not very clear to you.

The same thing happened to the Egyptians,

I had to send them ten, and not even with those they caught him.

What's more, to finish pissing me off, you've made the presenter of the "Island of Temptations" a finalist for the Planeta Award.

Didn't you have another program with a more pious name,

like "Save me", for example?

The other day was October 12: Spain is a country whose anthem has no lyrics and whose national holiday commemorates that

a Genoese confused America with India.

I think there is nothing that represents you more.

This year, due to Covid, the celebrations were more discreet:

From America, the Spanish brought

chocolate, potatoes

and beautiful names like this one that slipped from Peru in this sports broadcast:

Now focusing on what Twitter is, the main object of this article, I will tell you that this week you have been entertained with two little games.

One is

"how it started, how its going",

with which you show how something started and how it continues:

And the other consists of taking the image of the Pope and

putting anything in his hands

, how beautiful!

Fortunately, in these times of moral relativism and the absence of values ​​there are still people who have

very clear priorities:

In Egypt, on the other hand, since the pyramids they have not hit the ball again


They have a monumental mess,

on the one hand they persecute homosexuality but on the other:

2020 is moving towards its end and I don't know what great outcome to give it.

At the moment I am groping with some old ideas:

The United States elections are here, and the truth is, I think that,

as in that episode of the Simpsons,

the two candidates are not so different:

As things stand, it's easy to succumb to homesickness.

I don't know if any past time was better,

what is clear is that sometimes one finds of each jewel:

Go all out, right?

It is that

at that time people did not go to the gym.

I do not eat now:

Leave the cult of the body and do an examination of conscience.

The end is near.

One example is that two of the greatest calamities of this century, Pablo Iglesias Turrión and Isabel Díaz Ayuso, were born on the same day!

And they both hold power right now!

The Antichrist was two!

I leave.

Forgive me for ending my column by getting serious, but I want to pay tribute to a humble teacher who was murdered on Friday for trying to teach some boys something as simple and necessary as freedom of expression.

DEP Samuel Paty.

They will not shut us up.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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