The Supreme Prosecutors' Office said that all 27 active lawmakers were referred to the trial for violating the Public Office Election Act in relation to the 21st National Assembly election held on April 15.

The Supreme Prosecutors' Office today (18th) released the press release of the'Results of Investigation of Election Crimes for the 21st National Assembly.

The Supreme Prosecutors' Office said that the number of electoral offenders enlisted until the 15th, the expiration date of the statute of prosecution for election crimes, was 2,874, down 9.5% from 3,176 in the 20th general election.

Of these, 36 were arrested and 1,154 were prosecuted.

Compared to the general election in the 20s, the number of arrests and the number of prosecutions decreased by 276.

Among the accused defendants, 27 active-duty lawmakers were included.

Compared to 33 in the general elections in their 20s, 6 people were reduced.

The great prosecutor analyzed that the number of suspects related to this general election declined from the time of the 20s general election was due to the decrease in face-to-face election campaigns to prevent the spread of Corona 19.

(Photo = Yonhap News)