Mr. A, who posted a message on the used goods trading app, carrot market, that he would send his infant for adoption with money, said in a police investigation that he was "angry and posted".

Mr. A said, "After having a child without a father, I was upset to receive a consultation on the procedure for sending a baby for adoption at the Single Mother Center. So I posted this article."

However, Mr. A insisted, "I immediately realized that it was wrong after posting the post and immediately deleted the post and canceled my account."

The police confirmed that Mr. A wrote '36 weeks child' in the post, but was actually born on the 13th.

Based on the fact that Mr. A said that he would receive 200,000 won as a condition for sending the baby for adoption, the police plan to investigate closely whether or not the Child Welfare Act was violated.

Apart from the investigation, the police are looking for ways to support infants and mothers with the cooperation of related agencies.

Mr. A is currently in a postpartum care center and plans to go to a single mother facility after leaving.