A digital funeral company CEO Park Mo, who became famous in the Telegram Room N incident, was handed over to a recent trial on charges of intimidating pornography distributors and obtaining settlement money.

In this process, it was revealed as a result of our SBS interview that the indictment was conspired with the current police.

This is Lee Hyun-jung reporter.


Mr. Park, a digital funeral doctor who receives money and deletes videos of victims of sexual crimes online.

However, Mr. Park did not stop at erasing the traces of the client.

It was handed over to trial in June on charges of tracking down those who distributed the victims, threatening to pay a settlement, and receiving 4.7 million won.

However, the SBS report confirmed that the prosecution and Sergeant A, who was a member of the cyber investigation team at a local police station, were prosecuted as an accomplice.

The two are between high school and college alumni, and Sergeant A was commissioned by a friend, Mr. Park, to conduct several investigations on sexual exploitation.

However, in the process, the circumstances of the close relationship with Mr. Park were revealed.

We invited the distributors of illegal video to agree, delivered the contact information of Mr. Park's lawyer, or at the request of Mr. Park, inquired about the distributor's criminal record.

The prosecution also confirmed the circumstances of the summons of the distributors whose agreement with Mr. Park was not progressing.

In 2016, after investigating Mr. Park's competitors, he is also accused of receiving 1 million won from Mr. Park. Sergeant A denies the charges, saying, "It was a normal investigation conducted by capturing the crime charges."

[Sergeant A: (You say you didn't open a contest at all…)…

.] The

police said, "We have transferred Sergeant A to the district and will observe the results of the trial."

Both sides have denied the allegations, so it seems likely that proving the two's conspiracy in a future trial will be an issue.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho, Video editing: Kim Jun-hee)