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  • Kobold, the floor care brand of the German group Vorwerk is launching its VB100, a stick vacuum cleaner that also doubles as a mop.

  • The device is practical and efficient, even if sometimes a little heavy in its handling.

  • Like the Thermomix, the star device from Vorwerk, the VP100 is only sold at home, a difficult strategy to maintain in times of pandemic ...

Kobold, the floor care brand of the German group Vorwerk (behind the Thermomix) innovates with its VB100.

This stick vacuum cleaner doubles as a washing function, thus offering an all-in-one product capable of cleaning in one go.

Sold for 1299 euros, the device is not cheap, but its claims are high.

We wanted to check if he was keeping his promises.

The washing brush of the Kobold VP100 at work.


Up to 70 minutes of battery life

On the design side, it stands out among all.

Tapered, the VB100 has a style of its own and blends in with an era that is resolutely modern.

The white color is reminiscent of the Thermomix food processor, the flagship of the Vorwerk fleet.

Kobold's first cordless stick vacuum cleaner, the VB100 arrives in a competitive market where Dyson and its V11 and Miele and its Triflex are already running out.

The VB100 nevertheless plays a good role on the ground of mobility, since its removable battery gives it an autonomy of up to 70 minutes at reduced power (about fifteen minutes at maximum power).

Very expensive bags

Affirming its uniqueness, the device works with a disposable bag.

Unlike its competitors, which have a collector to then empty into a trash can (at the risk of eating a little dust if you do it wrong), the Kobold vacuum cleaner therefore plays it hygienic: it suffices to extract the 0.8 liter bag and throw it away (people with allergies will appreciate).

Counterpart: additional costs of around 3 euros per bag!

We deplore the price, but also the design with a plastic frame which, although green in color, has absolutely nothing



The single suction brush of the Kobold VB100.


For vacuuming, the VB100 is supplied with a classic removable brush which has the merit of allowing the vacuum cleaner to be stored in the “parking” position (it stands upright by itself).

Our tests show that the suction performance of the VB100 is rather good, but the vacuum cleaner does not have the power of the Dyson V11 which really goes everywhere without complaining (hard floors, rugs, carpets ...), where the VB100 can sometimes be a little less motivated.

Note that the motor is positioned at the bottom, which, due to its weight, can be restrictive for cleaning certain areas (ceilings, etc.).

Miele and his Triflex had the good idea to offer a vacuum cleaner whose center of gravity can be deported by dislocating the handle: motors down or up as needed.

In order to judge the effectiveness of the VB100, we made it vacuum lenses scattered on a white tile (see our video).

One pass is enough for them to be sucked up and the vacuum cleaner to leave space.

It's not quite the same dance with the hybrid brush, the one that sucks and washes at the same time: several passes are necessary so that all our lenses are well sucked by the two suction openings of the brush.

There remains the question of washing.

Efficient washing with ... an exclusive liquid

It is carried out using microfiber wipes (four are provided for different types of floors, including parquet).

Fairly wide, offering a nice cleaning surface, they hang under the hybrid brush, like with Velcro.

The system is very convenient.

Especially since the wipes can be washed at 60 ° when dirty.

The vacuum cleaning brush of the Kobold VB100 vacuum cleaner.


Before cleaning, it is necessary to fill a small removable water tank with a capacity of 300 ml.

We will have added a few milliliters of Koboclean.

This is the exclusive liquid sold by Kobold for its vacuum cleaner.

The manufacturer claims that any other product could damage the brush.

We remain skeptical ...

However, there will also be some additional expenses here: around 10 euros per 400 ml bottle, which can nevertheless provide a few dozen washes.

Once ready, the brush clips onto the handle of the vacuum cleaner which can, again, hold in the “parking” station.

The start-up triggers the very rapid rotation of the brush which moistens very evenly.

Immediate observation: the VP100 vacuum-and-washer therefore becomes quite heavy to handle: almost 6 kg with the hybrid brush, when it weighs only 3.3 kg with the single brush.

De facto not recommended for the elderly or those who are reluctant to perform the small bodybuilding exercise requested.

This being the case, the washing turns out to be perfect.

One to four passes are necessary depending on how dirty the floor is.

We even used the VB100 to clean a tiled terrace where flowerpots now sheltered from winter had left their summer imprint.

What's more, the vacuum cleaner uses very little water: the floor drying is almost instantaneous.

Deconfined sales

On arrival, Kobold therefore signs a very beautifully crafted device.

Its main flaw is undoubtedly the weight of its suction-washing brush which can become restrictive for major cleaning.

The cost of its consumables is also to be taken into account.

The Kobold VB100 is sold only in meetings with a local advisor.


As required by house policy (the same as for the Thermomix), this device is not commercially available.

It is nevertheless possible to discover it in a virtual workshop or in the presence of a local advisor and during a home meeting.

A process that has already borne fruit.

This is how Vorwerk ensured the triumph of its Thermomix… before confinement.


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