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The director in the 50s who illegally photographed fellow instructors by installing a camera in the bathroom of the academy was caught by the police.

The Incheon Western Police Department announced on the 17th that it is investigating the investigation of A (55), the director of a parent academy in Seo-gu, Incheon, for shooting using cameras under the Act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes.

On the 5th, Mr. A is accused of illegally photographing two female instructors by installing a camera in a male and female bathroom at a Western parent school he runs.

At the time, instructors who were working at the academy discovered and removed the camera installed on the door of the adult toilet and reported it directly to the police station.

It was found that Mr. A had only drilled a lens hole in the message saying'Please close the door' and installed the camera hidden behind it.

As a result of the investigation, illegal filming of two female instructors was identified on the camera.

In the initial police investigation, Mr. A stated that "I tried to check it because many male students entered the bathroom," but later admitted to the charges of illegal filming, "I installed it because I wanted to see what was filmed with a camera."

The police are using digital forensics on Mr. A's mobile phone, computer, and removable storage media (USB) to check for further crimes.

A police official said, "Mr. A stated that he had installed the camera for the first time on the 5th, but after investigating whether there is any further crime, he will decide whether to apply for an arrest warrant."