While former Star Mobility Chairman Kim Bong-hyun, who was blamed for the Lime crisis, raised suspicion of hospitality for incumbent prosecutors through his entrance door, Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol ordered a thorough investigation of allegations of prosecution.

The Supreme Prosecutors' Office instructed, "Regarding the recently controversial'additional lobbying suspicion of the Lyme case', the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors' Office, which is investigating the overall lobbying allegations, promptly investigated the'prosecutor's suspicion' to strict and thoroughly investigate the existence of criminal charges. "I said.

First of all, it seems inevitable that the prosecution investigation of lawyer A, formerly prosecutor, mentioned in the statement by former chairman Kim.

Earlier, the Ministry of Justice said yesterday (16th) that it would directly inspect the allegations.

Normally, when the Ministry of Justice identifies the person's criminal charges through the prosecution, the prosecution will request an investigation.

An official at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office explained, "The prosecution at the Ministry of Justice is to proceed as the prosecutor's office, and the president's order is to investigate the alleged crime more quickly than the prosecution."

(Photo = Yonhap News)