Move on to the Optimus case.

It is also known that a person on the side of Optimus went to the prosecution and stated that he gave money to the incumbent Blue House administrator.

Our reporters have contacted this administrator several times to ask for a position on this allegation, but there is no answer yet.

This is Joonwoo Bae.


Attorney Moo Yoon, executive director of Optimus, attended the prosecution on June 30 and mentioned Administrator A, who is currently serving at the Blue House.

An official from the Blue House appears in a non-real name in the'Fund Defect Healing Document' written by CEO Kim Jae-Hyun of Optimus on May 10. In this regard, attorney Yoon pointed out Administrator A and said, "Because he is very powerful, he can even pardon him if he is sentenced to imprisonment. He stated that he had heard of "I have."

However, it is reported that the prosecution has recently secured a statement from an Optimus official stating that Optimus has handed money or goods to Administrator A.

SBS made several attempts to contact the parties to hear their position, but did not respond to the interview.

As a result, the number of former and current Blue House officials involved in the Optimus lobby suspicion has increased to three.

Previously, Yoon's wife, former administrator Lee, was not only deeply involved in Optimus, but also received millions of won in July and February this year from second-largest shareholder Lee Mo.

In addition, it is known that there was a statement that Mr. B, a former investigator who had been dispatched to the Civil Justice Chief's Office, also received money from Optimus.

The prosecution is focusing on securing additional relevant material through account tracking.

(Video editing: Ha Seong-won)