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woman in her 40s, who was hit by a man riding an electric kickboard from behind and was seriously injured, sent us a tip.

I found out that the electric kickboard left behind by the man who ran away was a shared kickboard, but he couldn't hold the magazine because the company didn't provide information about the payment or information to verify this man.

Today (17th) a tip came, reporter Kim Sang-min covered the story.


A road in Yeonnam-dong, Seoul.

The electric kickboard hits the walking woman as it is.

The driver is the whole body of a woman suffering from falling.

Leaving the scene more leisurely than just looking at your own cell phone.

[Mr. A/victim: I suddenly heard XX (English profanity) from behind.

It stopped a bit, but it suddenly hits from behind.] On the

30th of last month, A in her 40s had a hit and run accident in front of her house.

It has been more than 15 days since I reported it to the police, but no hit and run criminals who appear to be foreign men have been caught.

Mr. A told the police, "I heard that a kickboard company based overseas is not providing the suspect's personal information."

[A's / victim: It seems the culprit is foreign, awaits the whole answer there, I sent to take the serial number in the foreign Kick Scooters company, was one of New Zealand's e-mail address, but there's been out of it (said)

around When asked if it couldn't be tracked by CCTV, it gave a 20-second video with no face and said that he was even more disappointed at what the police said.

[A's / victim: I'll give you send movies (containing an accident scene) dont rooms many people neighborhood (I) Lives Now that you know and try to find once by sending a video tell acquaintances (he said)]

amps injured arm in a concussion Ms. spent 1.5 million won for hospitalization treatment alone.

Currently, if you or your family has auto insurance, you can get compensation for hit-and-run kickboard accidents.

Amid the rapid increase in the number of kickboard users, it seems necessary to supplement the system, such as obligating operating companies to disclose information.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Park player)