Google Maps will display the most frequented places using red dots.



At the time of physical distancing, it is particularly useful to know the peak hours of certain public places and shops.

This feature, offered for a long time on Google Maps, has been very popular since the start of the health crisis linked to Covid-19.

Its use even increased by 50% between March and May, reports 



Red pastilles

The American giant is now moving up a gear, improving these options.

The frequentation will soon be directly visible on the map, without having to click on the searched places.

Google plans a red dot larger or smaller depending on the crowd, on iOS, Android and desktop.

Information that will be available live, when a user searches for a route for example.

Coming soon on Live View

If millions of places are already affected by these measures, the number should be further multiplied by five compared to June 2020. Certain places considered essential such as small grocery stores, gas stations or laundromat will be added, as will parks and the beaches.

This display of attendance should also be available in a few months on Live View, which offers an augmented reality version of Google Maps.

Thus, users should be able to obtain live information on the frequentation of places in the vicinity.


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