A flu vaccination campaign in Bourgoin-Jallieu, October 16.



You've probably seen them on a friend's Facebook wall or in a WhatsApp chat.

Because intoxes increasingly rub shoulders with real news, writing 

20 Minutes

 helps you sort out the true from the false.

1. Why it is difficult to say that "60% of contamination [with Covid-19] takes place at work, at school or at university"

Jean-Luc Mélenchon assured Wednesday that the majority of contaminations occurred at work or in a school or university environment.

A risky statement in the absence of data on all the cases.

2. Why scientists are exploring the trail of vitamin D against Covid-19

Does this vitamin play a role in preventing or decreasing the severity of Covid-19 infection?

Researchers are currently exploring this avenue.

There is currently no evidence to this effect.

3. No, a "circular" does not prohibit pharmacists from selling the flu vaccine to people who are not at risk.

The pharmacies are encouraged, initially, to deliver the vaccine only to people at risk.

A recommendation that may have caused confusion among people wishing to be vaccinated.

4. Beware of distorted WHO recommendations on containment

Viral publications claim that the WHO has recognized the uselessness of containment measures against Covid-19.

5. Did Simone Veil say that “the act of abortion was not trivial”?

Simone Veil did make similar remarks, but the interpretation made by Aurélien Pradié, secretary general of the Republicans, quickly forgets their context.

6. No, this brooch worn by Emmanuel Macron or Bill Gates does not prove the existence of "world governance"

The symbolic significance of a brooch, worn by several world leaders, is hijacked on social networks.

The object is actually the emblem of a UN program.

7. No, Olivier Véran has not declared that it is necessary to get used to no longer seeing "your family or your friends"

A parody quote attributed to the Minister of Health is taken seriously by some Internet users.

8. Can the escape game allowing players to “kill” Emmanuel Macron be sued?

We took stock with two lawyers.

Bonus: A fact-check from our colleagues

To calculate the age of your dog, do you have to multiply it by seven to get its “human” age?

Our Quebec colleagues from the Science-Press Agency decipher this old calculation.

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