Today (17th) was the first weekend when social distancing across the country was lowered to the first level again.

There were many people who went out because the autumn leaves and flowers are at their peak in the blue sky like autumn.

Our reporters went out to Seoraksan, Gangwon-do, and there were many cases where they followed the quarantine guidelines well, but there was also quite a bit of anxiety in the middle.

Today's news, social distancing, I'll start with the first weekend, on-site inspection.

This is reporter Cho Jae-geun.

<Reporter> The

autumn leaves of Mt. Seorak, which started at Daecheongbong Peak at the end of last month, turned red up to 600 meters above sea level.

There is a colorful feast on every valley and trail.

The entrance to Mt. Seorak, where autumn leaves are at its peak, has been severely congested from early in the morning.

It would be faster to walk.

Still, due to the request to refrain from group tourists, the number of tour buses has been reduced to the average level of 10 minutes.

Free parking lot near Seoraksan Mountain.

In the past, it would be full of cars and tour buses, but this year there are so many empty seats that this large space is empty.

Today, about 30,000 people visited Mount Seorak, just over half of last year.

Although the number of visitors decreased, it was difficult to maintain the gap in the narrow stairs and railings, and it was easily observed that the mask was removed.

[Visitors: Because it was a little wet while taking pictures...

(Because of the moisture?) Yes.

You have to breathe this fresh air.

If you wear a mask, you can't breathe fresh air.] At the

cable car boarding area where the number of passengers was cut in half, there was a long line to hang up tickets.

At 2m intervals, they are lined up, missing.

[People waiting to board the cable car: There are many people, so I have to go after a while.

(A lot of people gather?) Right.

I'm worried.]

There are a number of restaurants right below the mountain that don't properly list access.

[Restaurant owners: (? She gotta nothing doing until October 4 and) this is because deoni Look phone number look like have been placed in the back cover this look not sseotna]

quarantine authorities from today until next month on the 15th into the danpungcheol disinfectant concentration Went.

Drinking and singing are banned on the bus, and they are asked to refrain from eating and drinking in groups.

(Video coverage: Heo Chun)