It may seem, as crazy, a fake news but it is not.


exhibition of naked

and muscular


of the

Egyptian security forces

, which during the last hours has stormed into social networks around the world, is absolutely real.

As much as the comments that since then accumulate the images.

The stills of dozens of half-naked bodies crammed into police vehicles in the Arab country, with a constrained pose, come from the

graduation ceremony

of the police cadets held this Thursday on the outskirts of



The brand-new agents, when they were immortalized in this way, were marching in front of Egyptian President

Abdelfatah al Sisi

and the regime's senior staff.

"This type of exhibitions are

quite common

in the graduation ceremonies of the Egyptian police and army, although this one in particular is especially ridiculous," an expert on Egyptian military affairs, who remains anonymous, from which he started, tells EL MUNDO the tweet that has spread like wildfire through the networks to become a viral phenomenon.

The two-hour broadcast, broadcast by the Egyptian president's office, also leaves no room for imagination.

"We can now see a group of vehicles with a group of students from the police academy," says a female voice when the most media moment of the ceremony arrives, in charge of the police combat unit.

While the snapshots of the officers with arched arms and tanned and immobile bodies, distributed among motorboats, vans and police armored cars, the announcer praises the "strong men who show their strong bodies."

The stills have since fed a

stream of comments

, from those who wonder about the "pride" in Egypt or comment on the abundant hours of consumption of American films that the exhibition gives off.

"It will be

great material for memes for

a long time



warns a netizen.

"Demonstration of sports skills"

The parade took place at the police academy in New Cairo, a district located on the arid outskirts of the Egyptian capital.

The event was attended by the prime minister, the interior minister, the president of Parliament, and "a significant number of ministers, senior officials, public figures and relatives of the graduates," the presidential statement said.

"The new graduates, with the participation of cadets from the military academy,

demonstrated their military and combat capabilities and their sporting skills

, applying all the sporting skills learned at the academy during the last four years," says the note. .

"The exhibition concluded with a military parade of the cadets and with the swearing in before the president," he adds.

Between national flags and the memory of the "martyrs" who fell in combat, faithful to the staging of the nationalism that he has promoted since he arrived in the palace,

Al Sisi

"congratulated the graduates and stressed that all Egyptians should consider them family."

"They sacrificed their lives for the good of the 100 million Egyptians," he cried.

By then, however, the parade had begun to spread across the web.

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