So far, there are about 25,000 corona19 cumulative confirmed cases in Korea.

Among them, 23,180 were cured.

It is said that most of them will be healed if they are treated, but the problem is after that.

Even after being diagnosed with cure, some people suffer from severe aftereffects that make daily life difficult.

Reporter Park Byung-il met them and heard the story.

<Reporter> In

March, nurse Kim Seong-deok was diagnosed with Corona 19 while quarantining himself in an empty house in the countryside after completing medical service in Daegu.

[Kim Seong-deok/Nurse (Corona 19 cure): (At the time) I was so tired and hard that I held onto the doctor and cried.

It's too hard.]

I was cured in 43 days and discharged, but it wasn't over.

[Kim Seong-deok/Nurse (Corona 19 cure): I lose a lot of power and discharge after about 4 hours, but I can't stop working.

I just endure it.] In

addition, even after five months have passed since I was discharged from the hospital, my taste and smell have not returned, so it is difficult to work.

[Kim Seong-deok/Nurse (Corona 19 cure): I have to report whether this is bloody stool or infected stool.

It is difficult to report such a report, and if you have to, you have to take it directly close to the nose.]

This young couple also got infected with Corona 19 while working at the distribution center in May.

After the infection, there was no pain, but after he was cured and discharged, abnormal symptoms that had not existed before began.

[Kim○○/Corona 19 cure: You can just assume that the pain in the lower extremities, such as tingling, tingling, and burning pain continues.] The

more frustrating thing is,

I went to

various hospitals and took all the MRI and ultrasound tests. It means we haven't been able to find the cause of the symptoms.

[Corona 19 cure husband: If anything abnormal comes out, we can treat it, but we have no abnormal findings at all, so we are more frustrated.] As a

result of a survey of 143 people who were cured after being infected with Corona 19 in Italy, 87% of them 1 They said they had more than one sequelae.

Fatigue, difficulty breathing, joint pain, chest pain, and so on were in order.

[Chun Eun-mi/Professor at Ewha University Mokdong Hospital: The virus does not disappear at some point, but it seems to exert a function that remains in the body little by little.

It leaves sequelae in major organs.] The

mental stress is also severe.

Kim Mo, who was confirmed during quarantine after working abroad in May last year.

No one has been infected by Mr. Kim, but the family is said to live with a sinner-like feeling for over five months.

[Suk ○○/Corona 19 cure wife: How could that person get harmed and get corona, but just a few dongs and a few houses, it's just branded like this?]

A university professor's wife at a hospital in Daegu I was infected while working as a nursing assistant, but I had to quit my job after he was cured.

[Ahn Byung-eok/Professor of Daegu University (Corona 19 cure husband): My wife decided to (resign) after hearing the people I work with and gossiping behind me.

I was injured a lot.] As

a result of a research by a research team at a university in Korea, there were many cases of complaining of mental sequelae such as anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, and avoidance of people after physical sequelae such as fatigue, decreased concentration, and forgetfulness.

The government belatedly investigated aftereffects, but due to budget and manpower issues, only 30 people were sampled.

As the coronavirus outbreak is prolonged, systematic research and response to the aftereffects and changes in social perception of those who have healed are necessary.

(Video coverage: Chansu Lee)