It gets chilly as the days go by, and this year, especially because of corona, there are many people trying to get the flu vaccine.

However, there are people who want to go get the vaccine and leave it as a product of a foreign pharmaceutical company or a famous domestic pharmaceutical company.

Reporter Park Won-kyeong actually checked in the corner to see if that had a different effect.

<Reporter> These

are articles posted on the Internet community asking whether there is a difference in effectiveness depending on the manufacturer regarding the flu vaccine.

Similar inquiries are reported to the hospital.

[Lee Seungnam / Family Medicine Specialist: In the case of last year, I asked if I was going to go 3 or go 4.

This year, there are a lot of people who ask which country is it, what is it from Korea, what is it?] In the

end, how about whether the effect is different for each vaccine product.

In Korea, 12 flu vaccine products are distributed to 10 companies.

All of them use the same raw material, but the manufacturing method is the same except for one company.

The permit criteria are the same.

Experts stress that there is no difference in effectiveness between vaccine manufacturers.

In the case of a paid vaccination, you might think that expensive is better, but a professor at a pharmacy who spoke to us said, "There is no difference in the effect. I was also beaten with cheap ones."

When I was hit with a certain product, the pain was severe, so there is a story like this.

The disease agency explained that this is a relatively common symptom that occurs in 15-20% of vaccinators.

Experts also say that it is difficult to conclude that the side effects are due to the product due to individual differences.

However, there are products that should be avoided depending on your age or constitution.

For less than 36 months, one product of Korean vaccine, Ilyang Pharmaceutical and Dong-A ST products should be avoided.

This is not because there is a problem with the effect, but because it has been approved as a clinical trial for more than 36 months.

If you are allergic to eggs, it's a good idea to talk to the hospital in advance, as you'll need to get a cell culture product instead of a fertilized egg method.

There is no difference in effectiveness, but the recent phenomenon of favoring specific vaccines.

It appears to be due to the side effects of subsequent vaccine management problems.

(Video editing: Kim Ho-jin)