It is reported by the Financial Times with reference to a copy of the organization's research.

It is noted that we are talking about drugs "Remdesivir", "Hydroxychloroquine", "Lopinavir" and "Interferon".

According to WHO experts, these drugs do not reduce the risk of death in COVID-19 and do not reduce the number of patients on ventilators.

In the study of drugs, the specialists relied on the data of 11 266 hospitalized patients. 

The work of WHO specialists has not yet been reviewed.

Earlier it was reported that US President Donald Trump, who was ill with coronavirus, was given the drug Remdesivir during treatment.

On October 1, the Russian Ministry of Health updated the temporary recommendations for the treatment of coronavirus infection COVID-19, including the drug "Favipiravir" in the list of antiviral drugs approved for outpatient use.