Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon, who led a rally in downtown Seoul during Liberation Day, is currently in prison again after the court canceled his bail.

Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon has been engulfed in heresy controversy with the content of unspoken sermons, and there have also been suspicions that the pastor ordination he had received in the past was fake.

Not only that, but within Protestants, there is a lot of criticism for the Theological Graduate School established by Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon a few months ago.

It allows you to become a pastor in an accelerated course there.

However, as a result of our interview, there were not one or two theological graduate schools that were so abused as pastors.

From today (14th) in Panda until the end of the SBS exploration report, we will look at the actual situation, problems, and countermeasures.

First, reporter Lee Dae-wook.


[Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon/Youtube'Only You Don't Know TV': Give a special lecture on extract (the point) for six months with a sense of force and ordained the pastor right after six months.

'Pastor, have I already been ordained a pastor?'

That's fake, fake.

All fake.]

Pastor Kwang-hoon Jeon said that the ordination of a pastor received from other denominations is a fake.

Last July, we opened the Graduate School of Theology.

He advertised that he would be ordained a pastor in six months.

[Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon Theological Seminary Staff: After studying while watching YouTube broadcasting, the pastor said that if he gave an assignment or something like that, he would write a report or take an exam.]

It takes more than 6 years to become a pastor in a normal denomination.

College graduates must pass the pastoral exam after three years in the seminary and three years of training for evangelists to receive ordination.

The former pastor reduced this period to 1/12.

[Park Jong-Hyun/Pastor: In an ordinary denomination seminary, it is said that the 3-year course is short.

I study theology in 6 months.

This is impossible.

I can't learn the basics of the basics.]

There are not one or two theological graduate schools that profuse pastor qualifications as a quick course like the former pastor's graduate school of theology.

This church and pastor with the signboard of the Graduate School of Theology is the president of the graduate school.

[Pastor of ○○ Church / President of ○○ Graduate School of Theology: One year is two semesters, right?

So if you do it without vacation, it's 4 semesters.

So, I have to finish my graduate course in 4 semesters.

Then you can become a pastor.]

I guarantee that you can become a pastor within a year if you pay millions of tuition fees or donations.

[Pastor of ○○ Church/President of ○○ Graduate School of Theology: About 1,500 disciples I taught.

(Are you all pastoral activities?) Right.] In

the case of one cyber theological graduate school, he explains that if you read textbooks, you do not need to take classes.

[○○ Graduate School of Cyber ​​Theology: All

you have to do is go to

the website and read the textbook when you have time.] He

tells you not to worry about exams.

[○○ Graduate School of Cyber ​​Theology: (If the exam falls, what should I do?) There is nothing to fall.

Most of them are in the data room, so you can do your best.] The

pastoral exam asks for basic knowledge of the Bible, but the school homepage contains not only questions but also correct answers.

[Pastor Hun-Joo Lee/Church Reformation Solidarity: In this church, a pastor creates a denomination and a seminary in this church.

I teach the saints for money.

The senior pastor and some friends of the senior pastor come and teach church history.

Can't you teach?

All have text.]

According to a survey, there were 374 Protestant denominations in Korea in 2018.

Most of the denominations have theological graduate schools, but there are several schools with one denomination, so it is estimated that there are over 400 theological graduate schools in Korea.

However, there are so many signs in the church that it is almost impossible to determine the total number of seminaries.

[Park Seong-cheol/Pastor: Since the church went in a way that would tolerate everything in any form, the church was rushing to infinite competition, and that infinite competition eventually regarded the problem of money, people, and the number of pastors as important to the denomination. This is why pastoral ordination is overrun.]

Short-term qualitative theological graduate schools, which overuse pastoral qualifications to expand profits and cults, are spreading like a fashion.

(Video coverage: Moonsan Bae, video editing: Seungjin Lee, VJ: Junho Kim)