Elon Musk, in September 2015;


Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP / SIPA

SpaceX never ceases to surprise.

After creating the Falcon 9, a reusable rocket capable of carrying 22 tons of cargo and landing vertically, used since by NASA, the company of billionaire Elon Musk is currently developing a new model.

This one, which has not yet been named, will be able to transport some 80 tons of freight and get it to any part of the world in just one hour, as reported by CNews.

First tests are expected in 2021.

A rocket twelve times faster

SpaceX has just signed a contract with the US Army, which is very interested in the extraordinary capabilities of this spacecraft which could link Florida to Afghanistan in just one hour.

It would be able to travel in orbit at a speed of nearly 12,000 km / h.

Twelve times faster than the Boeing C-17 Globemaster.

“I can tell you that Space X is moving […] rapidly in this area.

I am very excited by what is being prepared with Space X ”, announced the American general Stephen Lyons at a press conference on Wednesday.

Elon Musk, also head of Tesla, is not his first military collaboration.

In early October, he also signed a contract worth $ 149 million for the construction of ballistic missile tracking satellites, in collaboration with the US Space Development Agency (SDA).


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