How much will the residents of Ulsan apartments who have been damaged by a large fire? How much will they be compensated First of all, this apartment is subscribed to the Samsung Fire Insurance Group Fire Insurance, so the residents, including tenants, will receive insurance payments through damage assessment.

Group fire insurance is an insurance product that guarantees liability for damages to people and property caused by fires or explosions, such as apartments, and insurance premiums are included in the monthly apartment management fee.

Currently, the insurance coverage for this apartment is estimated at 42.6 billion won for buildings, 6.3 billion won for household items, and 1 billion won for property.

However, this amount is the maximum amount that can be compensated for fire damage, and the final insurance premium is determined through investigation.

Apart from group fire insurance, individuals who have personally subscribed to fire insurance can receive a separate insurance premium.

The entity receiving the insurance benefits will be paid by the real resident whether or not they own the home.

It is not the landlord, but the jeon/month tenant who pays the premium through the monthly maintenance fee to receive the insurance.