The smartphone app CoronaMelder can now be used throughout the Netherlands.

This warns if users may have been in contact with someone infected by the corona virus.

The app will be formally introduced at 3 p.m., but GGDs throughout the Netherlands will start using it from the start of the day.

The application uses the bluetooth signal to see which other app users someone has been close to.

Signal strength is used to see approximately how close someone got.

If someone is infected with the corona virus, the GGD will ask whether this person wants to let all passers-by know in the past period.

These people will then receive a warning that they may have come into contact with the virus.

Ten days in home quarantine

Recipients of such a message are advised to go into home quarantine for ten days.

A test is only necessary if users also have complaints, as has been advised for some time.

The app had been in the Google and Apple app stores since mid-August, but was then only used in a limited number of test regions.

From October 10, the CoronaMelder will be officially deployed throughout the Netherlands.

The app works on iPhones with at least iOS 13.5 and Android devices with at least Android 6.0.

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