They have the workshop in Alcobendas;

in Madrid they are sold in Mantequería Andrés

Its creator, José Ramón, worked in the workshop of the original 'manolitos'

Only their smell encourages you to eat them in one sitting;

a tender dough with an exquisite flavor that delights the most profane palate.

We are not talking about a tremendously elaborate dessert, if not about

mini croissants

, the


, first cousins ​​of the mythical 'manolitos'.

The name has its origin in its creator,

José Ramón

, a Dominican who landed in Spain 20 years ago and began working in the well-known workshop of the original manolitos in Colmenar.

Until they decided to play a card and left the business that taught them everything to be on their own.

Now his son Enmanuel is in charge of maintaining the good rhythm of the business, founded in 2017: "Before the pandemic we sold more than 200 kilos of croissants; now it has been reduced. The situation is difficult, although the sale is maintained."

The pandemic has shaken small businesses.

Enmanuel defends the product he makes, and assures that he has not stolen the Coca-Cola formula, since

his only secret is a syrup, finding the cooking point and a lot of care


Seeing the success it aroused among their clients, they decided to expand the adventure by opening a store in El Mercado de Maravillas, in Cuatro Caminos, although the project did not work: "We thought the area was good, but over time we realized that it was not we invoiced what we had in mind. Now they

are looking for another more emblematic place in the city

, and that "its public is a reference of the product."

However, those who want to try these small delicacies in the capital, without traveling to Alcobendas, which is where they have their workshop, can do so at the well-known

Mantequería Andrés

(Paseo de los Olmos, 3. Telephone: 913 654 865).

Although they still do not have an operational website, on Facebook they are posting photos of their buns and information to place orders.

From a single croissant at 0.60 cents to boxes of 8, 16 or 32 units with prices of 4 euros, 7.90 or 14.90, respectively.

And since man does not live only on


, one can taste in this establishment chocolate palm trees, homemade cakes, tea pastries and puff pastries.

In addition, Emmanuel emphasizes the sale through



Uber eats

, and ensures that the product arrives just as fresh and recent as the one on the counter.

Even the next day, they are just as cute.

Ramoncitos Obrador


Calle Santiago Apóstol, 15. Alcobendas.

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