Mercedes-Benz will present at least six new electric models in the coming years.

One of the first of these is the EQS, which will be launched next year and has a maximum driving range of 700 kilometers.

With the introduction of the EQS, a new electric platform will also be introduced, which will be used by several models.

The EQS is intended as an electric counterpart to the recently unveiled S-Class and will have a maximum driving range of 700 kilometers.

The EQS will eventually be joined by an SUV version.

A step below the EQS in the range follow the EQE and the EQE SUV.

These models relate to each other in the same way as the S-Class and E-Class do with the brand's fuel cars.

Mercedes has not yet announced an introduction moment for these two models.

It does for the EQA and EQB, the electric versions of the GLA and GLB respectively.

In contrast to the EQE and EQS, these models do not have their own bodywork, but share their appearance with the fuel cars.

The EQA will go into production this year, the EQB in 2021.

More expensive and electric models are two spearheads of Daimler's strategy for Mercedes-Benz for the next five years.

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