The bereaved families of the Sewol ferry and civil society organizations appealed to join the 100,000 national consent petition to find out the truth about the absence of sanctuary seven weeks before the disaster of the Sewol ferry.

The contents of the petition for public consent are the resolution to disclose the records of former President Park Geun-hye related to the 4·16 Sewol ferry disaster, and to revise the special law (the law of self-confidence) to investigate the facts of social disasters and to build a safe society. 

The 4·16 Sewol Fleet Disaster Family Council and the Promised National Solidarity on April 16 hold a press conference in front of the Blue House fountain today (6th), and two bills and resolutions will be settled by the National Assembly for the investigation of the truth without sanctuary until the 7th anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster. "It must be handled within this year" and said, "Please join the petition for national consent with the victims' families." 

The core of each petition is to extend the quarantine activities and to suspend the statute of limitations for crimes related to the Sewol ferry disaster. We will expand investigators, grant investigation rights to the Special Assistance Committee, transfer the data of the committee, etc. to the 4/16 Foundation, and disclose the records of the president from immediately after the Sewol ferry disaster to the dismissal of former President Park. . 

co-President bakseungyeol national solidarity at a press conference, "just been a Moon Jae government took three years, generating time disaster six years is still the truth was not without identify punishable also in charge" and "the consent of the people to urge the truth He said, “We are going to revised the law of judicial conviction in the National Assembly, and for this purpose, we want to start a 4·16 truth bus that goes around the country.” 

"There were several fact-finding committees in the past," said Lee Kyung-il, co-representative of the National Solidarity, saying, "There was no committee that had a short period of activity of two years like the corps committee." It. 

"The reason the 4·16 Truth Bus goes to meet citizens across the country is to urge the president to use the authority of the president and the National Assembly to keep the promise of finding the truth of the Sewol ferry disaster," said Yoon Kyung-hee, head of the family council's external cooperation department. "I asked for citizen participation. 

They plan to travel around 28 cities across the country on a 4/16 true bus for three weeks right after the press conference. 

(Photo = Yonhap News)