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farmhouses that have been heavily damaged by the long rainy season and typhoon this summer, a time of pain is passing instead of the joy of harvest.

Reporter Yoo Young-soo heard the feelings of farmers who must celebrate Chuseok before Suma's scratches heal.

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the village of Sanyang 1-ri, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, the reservoir bank burst during the last rainy season, and all the houses and fields were immersed in muddy water.

Although nearly two months have passed, signs of damage are clear.

The reservoir remains as it was, and the livestock-free barn is in ruins.

The agricultural land in the downstream has turned into a gravel field.

This farmhouse gave up autumn farming as trash and mud hit 7 houses.

[Flood farmers (Sanyang 1-ri, Icheon-si): In August, the price is the most expensive in the year.

So, I have to pay a little money in August to survive when it's cheap, but I've been playing until now.] The

damage to the orchard is also serious.

Dozens of peach trees that had been raised for six years were submerged and killed.

[Lee Jong-jin / Farmer in Sanyang 1-ri, Icheon-si: If the tree is not dead, you can see the harvest next year because it rained a lot this year, and you can see the harvest next year.

In addition to Icheon, the area of ​​Baekam-myeon, Yongin-si, designated as a special disaster area, is still suffering from flood damage.

The paddy fields are immersed in sand, and the rice fields are not properly cultivated and become a chaff.

[Ahn Won-seop/Yongin-si, Baekam-myeon farmers: We need to recover.

What can I just use this (non)?

(Can't rice be harvested?) I can't use rice.

What do you do with this (rice) cut.]

Disaster subsidies are insufficient and labor is insufficient, so there is no promise when it will be restored.

Farmers in flooded villages are spending a lot of time while forgetting the joy of harvesting.