Tomorrow (3rd) is the opening day.

With news that the court allowed some of the rally for small cars under 9 vehicles, similar rally reports are being reported in various places in Seoul, although the courts have imposed strict conditions, but there are still voices of concern about the spread of Corona 19.

Reporter Kang Cheong-wan on the report.

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police said that all six reports were filed to hold a small-scale assembly using a vehicle tomorrow, the first day of the year.

Yesterday, when the court decided to conditionally allow a vehicle assembly in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, reports that it would hold a rally in other regions were followed.

A conservative civic group that previously reported a vehicle rally in Gangdong-gu reported additionally that it would hold a rally in five sections of Seoul, including Seocho Fire Station in Mapo, Express Bus Terminal in Sadang, and Wangsimni in Sinseol-dong.

Reports of a vehicle assembly passing in front of the homes of Justice Minister Chu Miae and former Minister Cho Kuk were also received.

All are small gatherings limited to 9 vehicles.

However, the police reaffirmed their position that the assembly was not allowed.

Although these groups reported that they would hold a small rally with less than 9 vehicles, there is a possibility that it could spread to a large rally at any time, such as reporting and withdrawing a rally of 200 vehicles.

Like the last Liberation Day rally, in which the number of actual attendees increased sharply from the number of reports, there were also concerns that the Gaecheon Day rally could be a catalyst for the spread of corona.

Some conservative groups have announced their policy to enforce a one-person protest that does not require a report if additional assembly is not allowed.