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Researchers at Ben-Gurion University in the Negev, Israel, are developing a new connected object that detects epileptic seizures in advance.

According to the first tests, it would even make it possible to warn patients at least one hour before the crisis, thanks to the electroencephalogram, reports

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A notification can then be sent to the person on their smartphone.

Researchers use two technologies to operate the device: algorithms that analyze a person's brain activity;

as well as artificial intelligence, and more particularly

machine learning.

A small device

This new technology is already promising since it would currently achieve an accuracy of 97% to 95%, with fewer electrodes.

If its marketing is confirmed, the device would allow people to anticipate crises but also to minimize their effects, if they are taken care of in time.

By being warned of the onset of a seizure, users could take medication or inform those around them.

What to lighten the daily life of the sick.

American researchers from the University of Louisiana had developed a more or less identical device in 2019. But the new device created by Israeli researchers would be more practical, because of its smaller size.


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