Corona 19 has also changed our Chuseok landscape significantly.

As the number of people who visited the tomb in advance increased, the park cemetery was even busy yesterday (1st) on Chuseok, which was full of visitors in the past.

Reporter So Hwan-wook looked around.

<Reporter> During

this year's Chuseok holiday, a camera was installed in front of the billboard showing the memorial message.

Live broadcasts on the Internet are in full swing for those who could not visit Bonandang due to Corona 19.

When you send a message to our ancestors with a registered phone number, they are displayed on an electronic board in real time, conveying their nostalgia.

[Please check the temperature before entering.

Normal body temperature.


The number of visitors to Bongandang has decreased to 1/10 compared to the last holiday.

[Yoonah Kim/Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi: I think it was nice that you checked the location in front of me and checked the heat a lot.

I was relieved.]

Even at the park cemetery, which was crowded with over 100,000 people on holidays, the atmosphere is quite different this year.

Most of the tombs wore masks and seemed to refrain from drinking.

All indoor memorial halls that enshrined our ancestors were closed due to corona prevention measures.

[Cha Young-gi/Gangwon Hoengseong-gun: I was going to see you once, but the memorial hall is closed, so I can't go in, and I only have my turn here.]

Some families have their turn online on Chuseok morning.

[Junho, bow down.] When

a signal comes from across the phone, the waiting son bows to the turn on the screen.

Even though we were not able to meet our ancestors and families in person, we were concerned about the coronavirus outbreak, but the affection of our families was not different from previous years.