Facebook has announced the Accounts Center, a way to further link its three apps Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

This way people can log in to the different networks at once.

Facebook writes on its blog that the function will be tested in the three apps from this week.

People can choose whether they want to use Accounts Center.

Accounts Center is a central place where, for example, you can set up to log in to Facebook, Instagram and Messenger at once.

In addition, it is possible to indicate that a message or story on Facebook can also be shared directly on Instagram.

“Using the Accounts Center doesn't mean you have to use the same identity everywhere,” writes Facebook.

"You can still be called Aisha Ahmed on Facebook and @bakersdozen on Instagram."

However, it is possible to synchronize a name and photo on the networks, for example.

For example, the name and photo will change automatically on Instagram if it has been modified on Facebook.

Facebook wants to merge its services much more.

For example, the company has been working for some time to merge chat services.

For example, people should be able to send messages to WhatsApp from Instagram.