The number of new corona19 confirmed daily in Korea exceeded 100 again in five days, recording three digits.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced that as of today (30th) 0 o'clock, the number of new corona19 confirmed patients increased by 113, recording a cumulative 23,812.

The death toll increased to 6, and the number of Corona 19 deaths in Korea increased to 413.

There are currently 109 patients whose condition is severe or worsens beyond the severe stage.

Yesterday (29th), the number of new confirmed cases recorded 38, and there was also a prospect that the growth trend would have halted.

In particular, with the beginning of the full-scale Chuseok holiday, there are concerns that it may lead to a large-scale re-proliferation due to the number of travelers as well as the return procession.

Today, 93 of the new confirmed cases occurred locally and 20 were inflow from overseas, and many of the confirmed cases were concentrated in the metropolitan area.

76 confirmed cases occurred in metropolitan areas such as Seoul and Gyeonggi, and 17 cases occurred in non-capital areas, including 5 in Busan and 4 in Gyeongbuk.