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a villa in Daejeon, a fire or a man in his 50s was suspended from the height of the third floor and crashed. He was trapped in flames and attempted to escape from the window, but fortunately avoided major injuries to the base of a citizen passing by.

Reporter Ahn Hee-jae reports.


A man hangs in jeopardy under a window where black smoke emanates constantly.

[Ah, it's hot!] A

fire broke out in a villa building in Daejeon-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon, around 5:50 pm yesterday.

The 50-year-old Jang-mo, who was inside the house, was blocked by a fire that started near the front door and escaped from the window and was isolated.

Oh Sung-gyun, who was passing by, saw the scene and took urgent action.

[Sung-gyun Oh/Witness: If you have anything fluffy, please bring it with me. Take even a blanket at home... .]

Mr. Oh hurriedly collected the nearby abandoned sofas and scrap materials.

[Sung-gyun Oh/Witness: There are 3 piles of styrofoam, so I kept it at the expected drop point and kept it stable. Then hot filled endure more audible sound of sirens and (jumped).]

Finally Mr. Zhang has fell over a pile of five who prepared polystyrene, was reportedly shocked that do not hurt thanks largely to the absorption.

The fire authorities are investigating the exact cause of the fire based on Jang's statement that the electric bicycle battery in the room exploded.