Minister Choo Mi-ae repeatedly insisted that it was not true when he came to the National Assembly about the allegations that an assistant at the time made a phone call to the military.

However, in a recent written investigation by the prosecution, it is known that the statement was made to the effect that it was because I could not remember it.

Reporter Bae Joon-woo covered it alone.


Minister Choo Mi-ae has directly refuted the opposition claim that an assistant at the time intervened in 2017 regarding the suspicion of his son's preferential vacation.

[Chu Miae/Minister of Justice (Last 1st, National Assembly Preliminary Committee): There is no such fact.



[Minister of Justice Chu Mi-ae/Minister of Justice (Question on the 14th, question of the National Assembly's government): (Have you not checked after the preliminary committee to ask if you have ever called your son's unit? ?) I don't want to confirm it.]

However, Minister Chu is known to have made statements on the grounds that these statements were inaccurate during a written investigation by the prosecution on the 26th.

"I didn't remember the fact that the aide reported it in 2017," he said.

In response, an official at the prosecution said that it seemed to be the purpose of acknowledging that the statements made in the National Assembly were different from the facts.

The change in the position of Minister Chu is presumed to be due to the prosecution's investigation revealing that he handed the phone number of the local unit officer to the then-aide and that a former aide reported the result of the treatment.

The political reaction to the results of the prosecution's investigation was mixed.

The Democratic Party criticized the opposition party for showing that it had only raised suspicions of craziness, and the power of the people raised their voices that it revealed the circumstances in which Minister Chu exercised power through an aide to prevent his son from deserting.

It seems that controversy will continue over the remarks of Minister Chu made in the National Assembly as the political battles heated up despite the unprosecution.

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, video editing: Won-hee Won)    

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