It is pointed out that the amount of pension that beneficiaries who are eligible to receive the national pension have not visited in the past five and a half years has reached 490 billion won and needs management.

According to data received from National Pension Service by Lee Jong-seong (National People's Strength) of the National Assembly Health and Welfare Committee on the 29th, the unclaimed amount not visited by beneficiaries from 2015 to June of this year was calculated as 49,187 billion won. Done.

Looking at the amount of each year in which the reasons for payment, such as fulfillment of supply and demand requirements, occurred: 4,612 billion won in 2015, 92.12 billion won in 2016, 29.02 billion won in 2017, and 24.87 billion won in 2018. , In 2019, it was 15.72 billion won.

From January to June this year, 35,276 people were eligible, but it was counted that they have not yet applied for a pension.

If you calculate all the uncharged amounts, it is about 276.2 billion won.

Among the unclaimed cases, it is known that the location is unclear, or in many cases, they have expressed their intention to claim a pension in the future.

When looking at the status of unclaimed by type of benefit, death-related benefits such as survivors' pension and lump sum death were the highest at 18.87 billion won (19,942 people), followed by old-age pension KRW 176.3 billion, and lump sum refund 1,000. The order was 38.58 billion won.

Pension benefits are divided into old-age pension, disability pension, survivors' pension, lump-sum death benefit, and lump-sum return.

In the case of the old-age pension, which is the basis of the national pension, you can receive it every month when you have signed up for at least 10 years and reach the age of receipt.

The survivors' pension and the lump sum death benefit are received by the remaining survivors in the event of a member's or recipient's death, and the lump sum refund is a benefit received by adding interest to the premiums paid since the minimum subscription period was not met for 10 years even though they reached the age of 60.

The annual national pension claim rate was high at 99.57% in 2015, 99.47% in 2016, 98.54% in 2017, 97.63% in 2018, and 95.19% in 2019.

The average value including this year (87.55% by June) was 96.69%.

However, 76,025 people have not yet visited the pension, so over 490 billion won remains in the'sleeping pension' status.

Rep. Lee Jong-seong said, "There is a need to reinforce publicity and information and prepare effective management measures."

The National Pension Service sends out notices or provides phone calls or business trips in five steps from 3 months before the pension rights are issued to the end of the statute of limitations so that no one has yet to claim the right to receive the national pension.

You can also search for pension information that has not yet been claimed in the Ministry of Public Administration and Security's'Safe inheritance one-stop service', the Bank Federation's'Integrated dormant account inquiry system', and the Financial Supervisory Service's'Financial Consumer Information Portal Fine'.