• TV.Jesús Calleja comes out in defense of Fernando Simón after the criticism received

  • TV.Fernando Simón defends himself after his trip with Calleja: "I needed a vacation, I couldn't do more"

  • El Hormiguero.Pablo Motos charges again against Fernando Simón and criticizes him

Pedro Cavadas

has spoken about the health crisis in an interview published this Sunday, September 27 in the Huffington Post.

The surgeon has been very critical of the management of the


in Spain and has charged against

Fernando Simón


When asked about the work of the director of the

Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies

in the face of the pandemic, he replied: "Has there been someone controlling it? First news I have of it."

On the situation in Spain, he commented: "It is not going to end well. A ruined country, without level managers pending what it touches, does not have it easy."

He also stated that "

there have been no real experts

handling the problem, there never have been and there never are."

His other reviews


shared that he cared little that he was branded an alarmist for speaking about the danger of the


at the end of January: "When the wise man points to the moon, the fools look at the finger. I am not the wise man, but

the moon was very clear

. And Keep it up".

He pointed out that "anyone could see" that the first news coming from China was worrying: "It was self-evident."

On the management of the pandemic, he said: "The numbers, no matter how much they torture themselves, are stubborn.

They speak for themselves


The doctor predicted that normality will take a long time to return: "I

see two or three years in

my crystal ball

. I see a decade of economic recovery."

The interviewee also spoke on the subject of vaccines.

He commented that it was obvious that they will not reach everyone at the same time.

He said that the words of

Pedro Sánchez

affirming that in December there will be two vaccines seemed "predictable" and he pointed out: "

Talking is free


He described the pandemic as "a gale that

carried away the smoke

(of all colors) that was being sold and exposed the sellers."

His statements in Public Mirror

Pedro Cavadas

already shared his concern about the


at the end of January in

Espejo Público


Some of his words on the

Antena 3


went viral.

The doctor declared at that time: "It is a virus that is easily spread, which is very aggressive."

"When in China they appear transparent from minute one, it worries me. They recognize a number of deaths and infections, but you don't have to be very clever to think that

there are like 10 or 100 times more

... When you build a hospital with 800 100-ton backhoes in three weeks, it's

not a joke

... Instead of one they are making eight, "he said.

The surgeon concluded: "They have to have a good reason. I am not saying that it will be the hecatomb or that this will be the great epidemic, but it does not seem like a joke.

It does not seem that it is a trick

to sell masks."

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TelevisionFernando Simón defends himself after his trip with Calleja: "He needed a vacation, he didn't give for more"

TelevisionJesús Calleja comes out in defense of Fernando Simón after the criticism received

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