KPN will be offering e-SIM cards for mobile subscribers from October.

A digital SIM card does the same as a physical card, but is built into a chip on the phone.

KPN is also making changes to data bundles of existing subscriptions.

A phone that supports this is required to use e-SIM.

An e-SIM can be used as a replacement for a physical card, but can also be set up next to a normal SIM card.

For example, a telephone owner can take out a subscription with a normal SIM card and put an extra subscription on the same device via e-SIM.

KPN already made e-SIM cards available to SIM-only provider Simyo at the beginning of this year.

It has recently become apparent that KPN would also offer e-sim in its own subscriptions, although it was not yet known when.

KPN is also announcing changes to existing subscriptions.

For example, the provider lowered the prices by 2.50 euros for people with a data bundle of 2GB and 5GB per month.

These subscriptions now cost 17.50 and 20 euros per month respectively.

KPN is also adjusting the larger data bundles.

People with 10GB will now receive 15GB per month.

The bundle from 20GB will be increased to 25GB.

Prices thereof remain the same.

KPN's Unlimited subscription, with an unlimited data bundle for 37.50 per month, will remain unchanged.