From September 30, 2021, Google will enforce stricter on apps that try to bypass the Google Play Store payment system.

The company confirms earlier reports from

Bloomberg on



Google requires all app makers to work with their own payment system, in which the company charges a commission of 30 percent of the purchase price.

This has been the case for some time, but according to Google, it has received signals that this policy would be "unclear" to some app makers.

The policy is therefore officially tightened.

Developers who already have an app on the Play Store will have until September 30 next year to make sure their apps are compliant.

Some apps in the Play Store allow customers to pay by credit card, thus evading Google's payment system.

According to Google, this is only "3 percent" of the 3 percent of apps that ask for payments at all.

Alternative app stores are getting easier to install

The company wants to make it easier to use alternative app stores at the same time.

Google will "make adjustments" in Android 12 to make it easier to install such an alternative.

It is not yet clear exactly how that should be done.

A coalition of tech companies rebelled against Apple's App Store policy last week.

They think the commission is too high and criticize the fact that Apple does not allow alternative app stores on iOS companies.