Game publisher Zynga has announced on its website that it is discontinuing its farm simulator FarmVille on Facebook.

The game was released in 2009.

FarmVille can be played on Facebook until December 31, 2020.

After that it is no longer possible to start the game.

Facebook will stop allowing Flash games on its platform as Adobe will stop releasing and updating the browser plug-in.

Zynga says people will be able to spend in-app releases on FarmVille until November 17.

After that date, the payment system will be closed and no more money will be refunded.

It is not clear how many people are still playing the original FarmVille.

Zynga has since released several FarmVille games.

For example, multiple versions of the game are available on Android and iOS.

In FarmVille, players build their own farm. They cultivate land and keep animals. In 2010, a year after FarmVille was released on Facebook, the game had nearly 84 million monthly players.