On the 3rd of next month, the police decided to actively respond to vehicle demonstrations in downtown Seoul, which were announced by some groups, by imposing penalties under the Road Traffic Act in addition to the Assembly and Demonstration Act (Assembly Act).

Jang Ha-yeon, head of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, told reporters today (28th), "There is no legal problem with restraining or blocking if the banned assembly is enforced. According to the Road Traffic Act or other laws, the reasons for suspension and cancellation of licenses are stated." It.

Under the current law, if a driver fails to comply with the traffic police's legitimate instructions three or more times, a penalty of 40 points is imposed, which is the reason for suspension of the license.

For example, if vehicles participating in a demonstration gather in a forbidden place, the police will order to disband, but if they do not comply, they may be penalized.

The police earned 40 penalties even if it was judged as a'joint-dangerous act' that could cause harm to others or cause traffic hazards, when two or more cars pass through the road in a line back and forth or side to side without justifiable reason. This is the policy to be charged.

If the road is damaged or obstacles are installed to obstruct traffic, 100 points will be charged.

If the driver is arrested, the license is revoked.

Commissioner Jang said, "It is still difficult to predict whether the scale of the vehicle demonstrations on the first day of the first day will exceed the level of 200 reported, but we know that there are many publicity cases in social network services (SNS)." Even if you said yes, if you judge what actually happened, you can understand the concerns and concerns of the police.”

The police are preparing to mobilize mobile police forces other than the Seoul Police Agency in case the assembly is forced.

In addition, he explained that hygiene equipment such as 10,000 face shields has been prepared so that all police officers can use it.

The police have put a total of 65 people to be investigated in connection with a rally in downtown Seoul last month.

Commissioner Jang explained, "There are 35 active participants including the organizer."

Among the investigation targets, 30 people were arrested for violating police officers on the day of Liberation Day or for refusing to disband.

After investigating 10 of these, the police turned them over to the prosecution.

(Photo = Yonhap News)