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prosecution, who has been investigating the suspicion that the son of Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae, received preferential treatment while serving in the military, released the results of the investigation today (28th).

Minister Chu's son said there were no problems in the process of applying for leave at the time, and there were no external pressures or unjust solicitations.

At the same time, Minister Choo Mi-ae, Choo's son, and the then aide were all charged with nothing.

First, reporter Min Kyung-ho.


"There was no legal problem in the process of two sick leave and vacations for the son of Minister Chu Mi-ae in June 2017."

This is the conclusion that the prosecution reached nine months after the investigation began.

The prosecutors' prosecution also dismissed the prosecution against Ministers Chu and Mr. Seo, Mr. Choi Mo, who was an aide to Mr. Chu, and Mr. A, the unit commander, who was then authorized to approve leave.

First of all, the prosecution said that Choi, who was an assistant to the Democratic Party's representative, called Choi to extend sick leave on June 14 and 21, 2017, respectively, to request an extension of sick leave. They said they had approved it verbally.

At the time, the prosecution's judgment is that it is difficult to say that there was a hierarchy or external pressure in the process of inquiring about vacation or requesting vacation.

Because of the leave approval, I saw that the crime of leaving the military service could not be applied to the suspicion of Mr. Seo's return to the unit.

Regarding the suspicion that Minister Chu made an illegal solicitation through Choi, it is acknowledged that the two contacted them through KakaoTalk messages, but that no clear circumstances were found in which Minister Chu was directly involved in the solicitation.

One of the ministers' couples said that they were not able to confirm any other information even though they thoroughly investigated the recorded files of the civil complaint room even if they were suspicious that they called the Civil Affairs Office of the Ministry of Defense at the time.

In a statement, Minister Chu said that he will continue to apologize for causing concern to the people through a groundless and reckless political offensive, and that he will strive to complete the prosecution reform.

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